Life's not fair!

Satch has been really good lately. Good stays, good on walks. Then Saturday I was preparing myself a really nice cold chicken salad (you can see where this is going) when the postman arrived. The back door was open as it was such a lovely day and the dogs all rushed out, so I had to step momentarily outside the back door to take the post through the gate ... and stepped back in to find the chicken breast in Satch's mouth. Got it back, not without a little difficulty, but obviously out of the question to eat it. I had to make do with an omelette and the dogs got chicken for tea. Life's so not fair!

The joys of dog ownership

Got up yesterday morning and could tell before I started to come downstairs that there had been an 'issue' overnight. Got into the breakfast room to discover one of the three dogs had had real squits. Spent a happy half-hour cleaning that up. Couldn't have been Max as he would have called me. So both Nina and Satch got a very small breakfast. All well during the morning - several lots of workmen there laying flooring and carpets, servicing the Aga, delivering radiators. Then, after they'd all gone (thank goodness) I discovered some more in the hall and extending on to the sitting room carpet - which had just been professionally cleaned, at great expense, exactly a week before. Whilst cleanin

Dobermann eating deer

Gross bit of video from Xmas time. Monster Nina found this in a field and wouldn't give it up until there was only a little bit left. Needless to say, much of it appeared on the floor the next morning...

Tomboy again

Yet again, I came home from a day out last Weds and found Nina had a 3 inch tear in her side. Actually, rather embarrassingly, I didn't find it on Weds at all - I didn't notice till Thursday morning. So, no breakfast for Nina as it was clearly a general anaesthetic jobbie. Off to the vet for first appointment of the morning (I think they keep it free for us). Collected her about 4.30 and had usual 'I need to sleep but I don't want to so I'm going to stand here and waver about all evening'. Getting better now. Nurse Satch did his usual job of licking it clean all the time. Although clean is perhaps overstating it. You never know where that tongue has been. No - worse - you DO know where that

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