Satch the Elizabethan dandy

Poor Satchmo got a little histiocytoma (benign lump) on the inside of his elbow. As he was worrying it and making it raw, the vet nipped it off and put in 2 layers of stitches. Next day ... top layer of stitches gone. Back to the vet for staples. Lasted till Monday. By then the bit he'd worked the staples out from was infected. So, the elizabethan collar came into play. He was a very good boy and let me put it on, but was then scared, unsurprisingly. I walked round the garden with him before bed to encourage him to wee, but he wouldn't, so I resigned myself to a puddle on the floor overnight. But no, nothing the next morning and he still wouldn't pee. It was eventually at least 14 hours and

Still a leather fetishist

Remember the blog about Satch and his leather fetish (early May)? Well, it's still going on. He's now removed a total of three collars from Max, eaten the leather and left the buckle/chain/dog tag or whatever. I'm only relieved that he must chew them into small pieces; I was not looking forward to helping 20 inches of leather out of his bottom. Max is now sporting a fetching multicoloured fabric collar. Oh, and he had a go at one of my rather lovely pale blue shoes that I bought in the states. I think I can just about still wear it. I'm very well aware that he thinks suede is potentially even more tasty and generally sensually appealling than ordinary leather, as he keeps licking my suede

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