Hormone Hell

Hormone hell in this house recently. Nina's in season, so she's stir-crazy from being kept indoors. She's on a diet of Tic-Tacs to mask the attraction to Max and Satch. It has worked, in that we didn't have a night when Max barks all night, which we usually do. He barked a lot, mind, and nearly drove me mad, but at least I didn't have to sleep on the breakfast room table, whch I had to do last season. Why does he quieten down when I'm in the room? I don't even want to go there! Satch is funny. He's not been allowed to cross paths with his mum much either, but when he does, he just thinks playing with mum is so, so exciting. He wags his tail faster than I've ever seen before, play bows and

Satchmo wins again

Well, we're doing well at Open shows. On 20 Feb at Bristol & District, Satchmo got Best Puppy, Reserve Best of Breed and then Best Puppy in the Working Group. V v proud of him. Needless to say, he was really hard work, but if you get it right with him, he looks fabulous, just poised and quivering.

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