Secret diary of Maximilian Thorn aged 14 3/4

(follows on from Secret Diary of Maximilian Thorn aged 13 3/4) Woke up and thought 'My mum loves me' (actually I think that when I wake up every morning). I opened my mouth to bark and call her down so she could love me some more, but then an unmistakable scent hit me smack in the vomeronasal organ. The delectable Nina is in season! So, I'm afraid I have to admit I forgot all about mum temporarily while I had a good sniff and lick round her bed. She didn't look best pleased; that must just be cos I'd woken her up early. Must try and keep on the right side of her and maybe this time it will be my chance [oh no it won't; Ed]. Upshot was I was taken completely by surprise when mum came into th


Oh dear, long gap again and just when things were interesting too. Nina had her last litter of pups on 13 January. She whelped easily and quickly - so quickly she nearly caught me out - and had 6 pups, which was lovely as the vet had only seen 3-4 concepti in the scan. Four girls and two boys; the Ballet Litter. Nina and I both loved the subsequent 8 weeks and somehow I seemed to find it more tiring than she did! The pups went to their new homes in early March. One (Kiki) lives nearby and I will hopefully show her.

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