Satchmo at Crufts

Satchmo at Crufts Crufts was last Friday. Took Satchmo, mainly for a day out as everyone reckoned the judge likes shorter, stockier dogs. However ... he came 3rd in Yearling Dog and 2nd in Good Citizen Dog. I was very pleased; I think his movement probably swung it as he moved like a dream. It's so nice to have a really big ring to move a big dog in. He didn't pace at all ... unlike the one that won Best of Breed ;-)

Put a sock in it

So, I used to have several hard rubber balls that made really good garden toys if tied in an old sock; makes it easy to throw them a long way. Needless to say, the socks had disappeared, so I went and got a couple more. Run out of the very fine ones, so these 2 were a bit thicker. Tied them on and threw a couple of times and went out for the day leaving the dogs playing happily with them. Came back to find - both balls, neither had their socks on. Couldn't find the socks whatever I did. Gave Satchmo some old-fashioned looks. Cut to next few days when old Max was being a bit sick here and there, but dogs do that, so ... THREE days later, I came downstairs in the morning to find a large pi

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