On the fourth day of Christmas ... I strangled Satchmo

On the fourth day of Christmas my Satchmo chewed for me... Four doggie collars Four leather shoes Three organisers Two of Nina's moo-moos And a really nice honeysuckle tree The dog collars were all on Max's neck at the time. The leather shoes were all real favourites except one. The latest organiser had been bought only two months ago And the honeysuckle had been cultivated for years to the point where it climbed right over the wall. It's now a two-inch stump. Sigh.

Satchmo passes another exam!

Satchmo and 8 others took their Foundation test at the Southwest Dog Training and Behaviour Centre yesterday. The exercises include things like a stay amongst chickens, walk and wait, formal recall etc. The tricky bit is that you can't use any extra commands. Satch lost 1 point for raising his head off the floor during the lie flat; and 2 x 1/4 points in the formal recall, for sitting slightly at an angle and finishing a bit wide. Nonetheless, he did really well. All the dogs passed, even the ones that were having real problems only a few days ago. V v proud as always.

Serious stuff

Serious post this time. A few weeks ago, I thought I was going to lose Max. He's 13 yrs and 3 months and that's old for a dobe, but he's been so fit I've always kidded myself he'll go on for ever. Anyway, he'd been quite a couch potato since I've not been going out to work, especially when there was a cold, wet spell. I'd noticed he'd lost muscle tone on his back end. I had a couple of days when I couldn't walk them much and I then came down one morning to find a lake of pee and Max losing his back end every few secs. Poor lad couldn't make it to the door, but peed across the doormat and then couldn't cock his leg. Big panic and off to vet. Transpired he'd presumably both got lazy and stiff

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