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The Seven Signs of Spring

1. At 4.00am you’re woken by a blackbird and a sparrow, politely taking turns to sing

2. At 4.30am you’re woken again by sun filtering through the curtains

3. At 5.00am you’re driven mad by the cooing of a wood pigeon

4. At 5.30am a crow puts on Doc Martens and stomps up one pitch of the roof, down the other and starts banging loudly on the bathroom Velux (why?)

5. At 6.00am you’re enchanted by the sound of skylarks singing on the wing

6. At 6.30am you’re thrilled by hearing a cuckoo

7. At 7.00am you get up, go downstairs and find a stomach full of yoiked up grass on the breakfast room floor

Ah, the joys of spring!

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