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The Hot-Air-Balloon Eagle is coming to get you!

Velvet is a funny little bunny. It was a glorious morning with a golden sunrise in a completely clear sky and windless. I took V for a walk round the village. I picked up that she was sniffing the ground rather obsessively, which is a typical anxiety displacement for her. Then I noticed her tail was down. Then someone closed a window and she jumped out of her skin. What was wrong? Well, the clever little girl had worked out that this was hot air balloon weather and she was terrified that the hot-air-balloon eagle was going to drop out of the sky and carry her away.

The same evening I was doing some tidying up in the garden in equally lovely weather when I realised Satchmo was there but she wasn't. Total panic as she's a real outdoor dog. I thought she must have escaped especially when a lorry went past and she didn't bark. But no, she was hiding in the kitchen from that damn eagle again.

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