More puppies?

I took Nina back to see her erstwhile boyfriend, Bracco, on 5 May. They got on pretty well! Fingers crossed that she's pregnant. If so, pups will be full brothers/sisters to the Grafmax Jazz litter and will be due on 7 July and ready for new homes at end of August. I've told Nina I'd like 8 please. I can't have her scanned until 5 weeks after mating. She's started stealing Satch's and Max's food. Does that mean anything? I can't wait to see what Satchmo thinks about some new brothers and sisters. I should think his nose will be quite out of joint when he sees his mum fussing round new babies.

Secret diary of Maximilian Thorn, aged 13 3/4

Woke up at 6am and thought, 'My Mum loves me, she won't want to miss a minute with me', so I barked and barked until she realised I was awake and came down to love me a bit more. I went out into the garden for a pee and a sniff and ran back in quickly to see her some more. She didn't seem pleased that I'd come in without waiting for her to do that strange thing where she wipes all my feet with a towel. Still, I probably imagined that - I'm a bit sensitive, you know. She sat down at that damn thing she calls a computer and appeared to be ignoring me, so I tap-danced and whinged till she turned and laughed and stroked my neck. I love my Mum. She couldn't have been laughing at me of course, c

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