Satchmo the narcissus

Came back from a trip abroad and Satch stuck to me like glue. I went upstairs to unpack and he came too. I looked up from the suitcase to find him stood with his front paws on the dressing table stool, studying himself very seriously in the mirror. How cute is that?

World's most expensive hand job?

Well, I made an appointment for Max to have semen taken for storage and later AI. He's still very fit at almost 13, clear of all the main genetic diseases, beautifully proportioned and a perfect gentleman. So, I was at my neighbour's a few days before and said I was taking him for a very expensive hand job. Her teenage son's friend immediately asked if he could come too. We both pointed out that he probably didn't need to pay that much. My friend asked how they do it and I said, "I'll tell you after Friday." Lots of jokes about needing to take doggie magazines, plus ciggies and whisky for after. So, I took Max up to Malvern and we queued behind 7 bloodhounds. (Didn't realise how huge the

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