Introducing the grafmax dobes

Hi. Grafmax is my kennel name for my dobermanns. I have two adults - Max (Kenex Spain at Grafmax) and Nina (Cosajoro Nina Simone at Grafmax). Then, in May 2009, I did something really crazy, considering I live on my own and work full time - I bred my first litter. They are the Jazz litter - what else could they be with Nina Simone for a mother? I have kept Satchmo (Grafmax Louis Armstrong) and I'm part owner of Ella (Grafmax Ella Fitzgerald). The other two pups - Grafmax Billie Holiday and Grafmax Fats Waller - live some way away. It was a fantastic, and seriously expensive, experience breeding and raising a litter. I really enjoyed it and I'm so proud of Satchmo and Ella. They were five m

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