I've been pointedly not making a decision about whether to mate Nina when she comes into season again in a few weeks. Pro - this is her last year of being able to produce KC-registered pups, probably my last chance to raise more pups, it's good timing (summer, I'm working from home). Con - health risks? I'll be stuck at home all summer. However, just in case, I sent her for some health checks last Friday. Like most large breeds, dobes are prone to heart problems, esp Dilated Cardiomyopathy, where the heart enlarges. She was given the full test for this 18 months ago, but had some follow-up ones and also blood tests for liver and kidney function. Her heart was fine (she didn't even have to

Update on New Year resolutions

Just looked back at the New Year resolutions. Mixed bag (not very mixed; most have been pretty much failures). "My main wish for Max is that he stays happy and healthy. My resolution is to make sure he gets 2 walks every day to keep him fit." Update - he is happy and healthy. The spring weather has seen him out in the garden a lot and he looks really fit. Can't say it's due to my success in taking him for 2 walks a day, though... "My wish for Nina is that she stays well and continues to do well at shows. I've just started taking her again and she's had a Best of Breed, a 1st and two 2nds in her first four shows. My resolutions for her are to continue working on her nervousness of unknown

Too good - I'm suspicious

Satchmo has been pretty good. He got his Kennel Club Gold last Sunday. He was really well-behaved on his walk yesterday. He hasn't chewed up anything in the garden lately. Why is it that I feel we're building up to something?

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