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The joys of dog ownership

Got up yesterday morning and could tell before I started to come downstairs that there had been an 'issue' overnight. Got into the breakfast room to discover one of the three dogs had had real squits. Spent a happy half-hour cleaning that up. Couldn't have been Max as he would have called me. So both Nina and Satch got a very small breakfast. All well during the morning - several lots of workmen there laying flooring and carpets, servicing the Aga, delivering radiators. Then, after they'd all gone (thank goodness) I discovered some more in the hall and extending on to the sitting room carpet - which had just been professionally cleaned, at great expense, exactly a week before. Whilst cleaning that up, I realised there was some more on the sitting room carpet. Oh joy. Concluded it was Satchmo (there was a bit of evidence, if you know what I mean). So no dinner and no training class for him. Still, that meant Nina could go. We did a bit of agility - going over a jump, through a tunnel, over another jump, picking up a retrieve item and bringing it back the same way. She gets soooo excited about agility that, to start with, I couldn't stop her going backwards and forwards through the tunnel in a frenzy of excitement. Bless.

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