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Secret diary of Maximilian Thorn aged 14 3/4

(follows on from Secret Diary of Maximilian Thorn aged 13 3/4) Woke up and thought 'My mum loves me' (actually I think that when I wake up every morning). I opened my mouth to bark and call her down so she could love me some more, but then an unmistakable scent hit me smack in the vomeronasal organ. The delectable Nina is in season! So, I'm afraid I have to admit I forgot all about mum temporarily while I had a good sniff and lick round her bed. She didn't look best pleased; that must just be cos I'd woken her up early. Must try and keep on the right side of her and maybe this time it will be my chance [oh no it won't; Ed]. Upshot was I was taken completely by surprise when mum came into the room as I was facing the other way. Either she was remarkably quiet or my hearing's not all it was. Can't be that, though, cos I'm perfect. I expect I was just concentrating on sex at the time - we entire boys do that quite a lot, you know. Anyway, for some reason my breakfast didn't seem as appealing as usual. Later on, mum took us all for a walk in the field. My sophisticated, cool image does take a knock at walkies time. I just can't help getting excited. Some people are surprised that I can still run, especially as my legs don't seem to co-ordinate as well as they used to, but if you were looking at the image of the delectable Nina's delectable bottom disappearing in the distance, so would you. Unfortunately, so does the Brat, but he knows better than to challenge me. If he tries, he gets to spend another half hour pinned against the wall having his neck groomed. (Nobody can say I don't know how to be the dominant male.) I was jogging happily down the hill, when I fell down a rabbit hole. My back leg was stuck so I called Mum and she got me out. To be honest, I fall down that rabbit hole almost every day. I always mean to remember it's there, but with a delectable arse just ahead - well, it goes out of my head completely. Raw beef for dinner this evening. A particular fave, but I felt it would be good tactics to leave some as I know from past experience that, as Nina's season goes on, sausages will appear on the menu more and more often, but only if I start leaving other food. You know, sometimes my sheer intelligence impresses even me. After dinner I spent a happy half hour barking at Nina, just so's she doesn't forget I'm ready and waiting at the appropriate moment. I'm sure I heard mum say that I wouldn't be able to do that sex thing any more cos of my back leg - little does she know is all I can say. Now what shall I do next - bark a bit more, cock my leg indoors, groom the Brat or have a little snooze. So many choices...

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