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Put a sock in it

So, I used to have several hard rubber balls that made really good garden toys if tied in an old sock; makes it easy to throw them a long way. Needless to say, the socks had disappeared, so I went and got a couple more. Run out of the very fine ones, so these 2 were a bit thicker. Tied them on and threw a couple of times and went out for the day leaving the dogs playing happily with them. Came back to find - both balls, neither had their socks on. Couldn't find the socks whatever I did. Gave Satchmo some old-fashioned looks. Cut to next few days when old Max was being a bit sick here and there, but dogs do that, so ... THREE days later, I came downstairs in the morning to find a large pile of vomit. Unusual that, as they usually eat it again (aaargh). I don't really need to tell you that both socks were in it, do I? Poor old Max had managed to eat two full thick socks. Poor wee laddie. Better out than in, I suppose!

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