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Satch the Elizabethan dandy

Poor Satchmo got a little histiocytoma (benign lump) on the inside of his elbow. As he was worrying it and making it raw, the vet nipped it off and put in 2 layers of stitches. Next day ... top layer of stitches gone. Back to the vet for staples. Lasted till Monday. By then the bit he'd worked the staples out from was infected. So, the elizabethan collar came into play. He was a very good boy and let me put it on, but was then scared, unsurprisingly. I walked round the garden with him before bed to encourage him to wee, but he wouldn't, so I resigned myself to a puddle on the floor overnight. But no, nothing the next morning and he still wouldn't pee. It was eventually at least 14 hours and then he peed like a horse. It was impossible not to laugh as he ran for the door and then - boof - shot back at least six inches as the collar hit the door frame and proved action and reaction really are equal and opposite. Amazing how quickly he got the hang of it though. Not sure how much good it did as I caught Max licking the wound for him several times. All well now. Another funny thing was that, when I took him for the op, I also took Nina for a day with some other dogs. When I picked her up, I was told she wouldn't play and wouldn't even eat treats; was just quiet and sad. Could this be because I took her son to the vet and left him there? She was fine once she got home and saw he was OK. Bet she kicked herself afterwards for missing out on the treats.

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