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Introducing the grafmax dobes

Hi. Grafmax is my kennel name for my dobermanns. I have two adults - Max (Kenex Spain at Grafmax) and Nina (Cosajoro Nina Simone at Grafmax). Then, in May 2009, I did something really crazy, considering I live on my own and work full time - I bred my first litter. They are the Jazz litter - what else could they be with Nina Simone for a mother? I have kept Satchmo (Grafmax Louis Armstrong) and I'm part owner of Ella (Grafmax Ella Fitzgerald). The other two pups - Grafmax Billie Holiday and Grafmax Fats Waller - live some way away. It was a fantastic, and seriously expensive, experience breeding and raising a litter. I really enjoyed it and I'm so proud of Satchmo and Ella. They were five months old yesterday and they've both had their Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Certificates for some time. I've just posted off their first dog show entry forms and I'm really excited about that. I'll be gutted if they don't get anywhere.
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