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Episode 2

Well, that really did start a stream of consciousness, didn't it? Episode 1 in October; episode 2 in January. Satchmo is 8 months now; he is one gorgeous little boy. I use that euphemistically as he's about 37kg now. What a sweetie. V beautiful; v bonded; v good. V v time-consuming. Today I put all three dogs in the car together - WW3 did not break out. Max looked a bit pissed off, but then he's good at that. Walked them all in the snow. How come pavement not cold enough for snow to settle, but dogs' backs cold enough? Took Max to vet yesterday to get checked up after recent swollen ankle (abscess). Usual Max Wall impression - legs bent, creeping along with excuse for a tail clamped to bum. No I know Max Wall didn't have a tail, but you get the picture. Vets will never know what a proud, handsome boy he really is. Nina has new red collar. Her colour. My colour. Who would think a new red collar could be as enhancing on a dog as a new red dress would be on me...

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