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The last secret diary entry of Maximilian Thorn

I was sorting out the lovely Maxie's personal effects and in his little private box, among the pictures of Ellie and Nina, the old sock that smelt of Gerry, the pair of my knickers (I wondered where they had gone), and the half-eaten chews he was hiding from Satchmo, I found his last diary entry, written just the evening before he died.

Monday 17 December 2012

Woke up this morning and thought ‘I love my Mum’ – and suddenly realised she’d crept in without me noticing. I do wish the old girl wouldn’t creep up on me like that – gives me a helluva start. Anyway, as soon as it was light she took us all for our morning constitutional in the field, which was great. She’s chickened out a few times lately when it’s been really wet, but I reckon if I can make it, so can she. It was a bit of a red letter walk ‘cos I found a delicious dead rabbit and managed to get a couple of gulps before the old spoilsport took it off me. I just can’t understand why such tasty morsels have that effect on her, but perhaps she’s just holding them back for herself?

One good thing is that she’s started giving me raw meat again, so I had a scrummy breakfast with tripe and beef. Settled down for a snooze and then I heard the door. I was really pleased when it transpired to be that young beauty, Ella, with her mum. They stayed for a couple of hours so I was in boy dog sniffy bliss. This looks set to be a good day!

I was quite tired after they left so I had quite a long rest while Mum walked the scintillating Nina and the Brat. Nina even cosied up with me while the Brat and Mum were out. Then – real treat – Mum put me in the car and took me to the village for a walk. We went all round the village green. It’s a darn site easier under foot than the field in this weather (it’s flat for a start), but the best thing is that it smells of dozens of other dogs. I was in proper doggie heaven nosying around there, I can tell you. It was getting a bit near dusk and my eyes aren’t what they were, though, so a couple of times I looked up and couldn’t see where Mum was. I employed my usual emergency tactic of heading for home, and she found me again each time. For some reason it makes her laugh when I do that; all I can say is she’s got an odd sense of humour.

Home again for more beef and tripe and we also got a chew while Mum watched that TV thing. Just scribbling this in bed before I go to sleep. I know I’m getting older and stiffer and I do sometimes wonder how much more of this life thing there is, but today has been brill – a real high spot. I can’t imagine life being any better than this. Goodnight.

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