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Slapstick flatcoat

Molly the flatcoat retriever is very brave and aggressive ... as long as there's a gate between her and the three dobes. When she walks past with her owner, she races up to our gate, barking like a thing possessed, and then clearly enjoys the degree to which Nina, especially, gets wound up by this. Was at the gate yesterday with big softie, Max, and Molly saw us and started at her fastest gallop, barking manically ... just as Max and I opened the gate and came out to start our walk. Well, if she could have gone into reverse, she would have done. She put the anchors on so hard that she slipped on her side and slid about two yards on the ground, still on her side. She then got up and stood a couple of yards away, feigning nonchalance, looking in the opposite direction, studiously ignoring us, while her owner and I stood there, hands on knees, crying with laughter. Been feeling very stressed so, thanks, Molly sweetie, you really cheered me up.

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