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Hormone hell - yet again

OK, so Nina's in season again and this time two sexually mature boys to keep away from her. As luck had it, I was already scheduled for 4 days away with friends, so I took the boys and got someone to house sit Nina. However, back yesterday and at least one dog whining all the time. Mostly Satchmo (typical boy), but both Max and Nina do join in regularly. (Short pause here while Satch tried to climb on my lap. Fey little look - what a poor boy I am, please cuddle me - and then belched in my face.) Max won't eat at all now, at least not dog food. Half a dozen sausages by hand and a pound of biscuits doesn't, of course, count as eating. Anyway, Max now in kitchen barking and howling, Satch whining in my ear and Nina in the sitting room scratching my lovely oak door and whining. At least another week of this... At night the two boys are in cages and Nina in the room with them. If I put Nina in the cage instead, Max pees on her. The joys of dog ownership.

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