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Satchmo gets his Kennel Club Silver

Satchie baby passed his Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen Test Saturday at 12.5 months! Pretty good considering he hadn't been going to classes for several months and only had 3 before the test (test rather sprung on me as I hadn't picked up that a date was set due to not going to classes for a while). Neither of us much enjoyed the road walk in the rain. He had been a bit funny about getting in the car, but our brill trainer Ann Nash had given me a tip to sort it (involving cheese - surprise, surprise) which worked perfectly. On to gold now, and then SWDTBC's Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. he'll catch up with Mummy Nina if she's not careful. She's in advanced. Might have to take them alternate weeks. Two dog shows coming up next week, so fingers crossed.

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