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No, Max, you're 12 YEARS old

Went for a 10 mile walk yesterday with a friend (turned out to be 11 miles, but that's another story). Satch is too young and Nina can be a bit of a pest when she's excited, so we took Max. I dithered a bit about that as he will be 13 in August. He's very good at looking sorry for himself and a bit of a waif and stray, so sometimes I think he's feeling his age. However, true to form, he had no problem with the walk and even behaved like a naughty teenager the whole time. Very like Satch at 12 months, in fact. He ran off twice and wouldn't come back when called, so I had to put him on a lead. He tried to steal biscuits from my bumbag. He pulled on the lead while I was trying to walk down a steep slope. He ... get the picture? Needless to say, he was much less tired than us when we got back and spent at least an hour playing in the garden with Satch. He's having a lie-in this morning, though.

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