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Satchmo wins a few more firsts

Well, we are having a good run at shows. We went to a Dobermann open show Sunday and Satch got 2 firsts, a second and a third. Amongst others, he beat Amazon Russian Ice and Amazon The Kandy Man, both of which have been winning quite a lot. As he behaved appallingly, just like last time at that venue, I was doubly pleased. The judge was definitely judging the dog and not the handling! We did special pre-beginners obedience as well ... also appallingly. Satch's finish at the end of his recall consisted of a complete clockwise circle followed by a half anti-clockwise circle to end up in the right place. Oops. Shame they don't give marks for artistic impression. And he's supposed to be doing his KC Silver award in a week or so. Mind you, he hasn't been going to classes for months until last week. And it wasn't his fault he needed a crap during the stays and couldn't settle.

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