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Satch the minimalist designer and leather fetishist

Satchmo knows what he likes. He likes minimalism. He likes leather. He's been working on my organiser for a while now and, at the third attempt, has got it back to basics. The spine is still there, but the cover isn't. The cover was leather. The bit that makes the rings spring open is gone too, so it takes brute force to open it now. My new black leather high-heel shoes are rather minimalist now, too. That is, there's only one of them left, which is fairly minimal. I washed Max's leather collar Friday and left it to dry (you soooo don't want to know what was on it). Next thing, I see Satchmo playing with the buckle, with half an inch of leather attached. Have still not found the other 20 inches, which is rather worrying. Keep eyeing Satch up, but he doesn't look like a dog with a leather strap wound round his gut. He came running downstairs today looking extraordinarily pleased with himself, with one of my tan ankle-boots in his mouth. Headed that one off at the pass, but no doubt there's more to come.

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