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Nothing to do with the dobes

This post is (almost) nothing to do with the dobes. I've just got back from running a 2700 delegate international meeting in Prague. So what? So, a week or so before it was due to start, the Icelandic volcano erupted and all flights stopped. It was touch and go for a while. We sent one team overland in a minibus driven by my neighbour and the rest of us took a 26 hour train journey. We had 127 invited speakers; most got there, we videod some of the US ones, and made a few substitutions. But it went soooo well. The President of the client society said I'd stopped the volcano. I suppose if I can control an adolescent dobermann by willpower, a volcano should be a no problem. I volunteered to accompany my neighbour back in the minibus. We started out from Prague at 09.45 Weds and got home at 22.15 yesterday evening (Thurs). V tired and glad of a shower. Dobes v happy to see me. Much jostling for front row position in the chin-tickling stakes.

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