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Does Nina wish she had babies or is she just pissed off with Max?

Nina has come to the end of her false pregnancy and seems, to all intents and purposes, to have post-natal depression. Or maybe she's just fed up with Max following her around and licking her fanny. There is definitely a noticeable hormonal change at that point. I always know exactly which day it happens as Max goes off his food and starts trying to mount her. (He mounts Satchmo too, which leaves the pup looking confused). It's like a lesser version of his behaviour when she's in season. He had to sleep in my room last night as he wouldn't stop barking excitedly. I've started giving Nina Tic-Tacs like I do in her season. Hope it helps, for all our sakes. If she carries on being depressed for too long, it'll be off to the vet again for some cabergoline (prolactin suppressant). They must be missing us anyway; it's at least a fortnight since we were there...

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