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The things Nina will do to get a bit of attention

Poor Nina does occasionally tend to miss out on the attention, what with Satchmo being a hoodie and Max flirting (he's sat on my lap as I write). Not in the last few days though. Little tomboy Nina (aka Miss Bean) has been in the wars yet again (third time in 12 months). This time I got home from an overnight trip to find a horribly deep cut about three inches from her tail. Looks for all the world as though she's been stabbed with a chisel. Off to the vet yesterday morning, general anaesthetic, took 20 minutes to clean out (ooh), and she now has a very unattractive bald patch and 7 staples. Poor wee lassie. In usual style after something like this, she needed to come home and sleep, but just wandered pathetically around with her tail clamped down, wobbling slightly, and couldn't settle till bedtime. What goes on in their doggie heads? Does she think if she falls asleep she'll wake up back at the vet's? The nurse didn't want to let me have her back; she was totally enamoured. Apparently, it usually takes 2 to remove a line from a dog's wrist, but Nina just sat and gave paw. My little beauty. A bit better this morning; she stood up and put her tail up and wagged briefly when I got up. Back in bed now, but then she never was a morning girl.

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