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A Few Boasts

Satchmo got his Kennel Club bronze obedience award on 5 February. Didn't put a foot wrong. His sister Ella got hers at the same time. That was a bit more nailbiting - right up to the day before, every time her owner, Nicky, called her in for a recall, Ella just ran straight over to me. Serious work was put in getting Nicky to jump up and down sounding like a banshee, and it worked a treat. Satchmo also won Best Puppy (BP), Best of Breed (BOB) and Puppy Group 2 (PG2) at Yeovil and District Open Show in January, so you can imagine how proud I was. He got 1 third and 2 seconds at BDDC and also 2nd in obedience there, so that was pretty good too. Ella also got a second at the same show. Very pleased with both puppies. Totally unbiased and objective, of course.

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