December 25, 2012






I was sorting out the lovely Maxie's personal effects and in his little private box, among the pictures of Ellie and Nina, the old sock that smelt of Gerry, the pair of my knickers (I wondered where they had gone), and the half-eaten chews he was hiding from Satch...

December 19, 2012


So, just a few days after that last diary entry, my beloved Maxie died; on 18 December, aged 15 years, 4 months and 12 days. A wonderful age for a dobermann, but still a shock when it happened and the house seems very quiet and empty without him. I found myself stroki...

December 15, 2012






Woke up this morning and thought ‘I love my Mum’. I also thought that, although I’ve been updating you quarterly in the past, life moves on and these days I feel it rushing past me at an ever-increasing rate (I’m quite a philosopher, you know, in my spare time), s...

November 5, 2012




Woke up this morning and thought – I love my Mum, but I love her more when she comes downstairs at 6.15. It was nearly 7 this morning and an elder statesman like me, I’d been lying awake for ages thinking of weighty matters and – well – to be blunt I was desperate f...

August 6, 2012




(follows on from secret diary aged 14 3/4 and secret diary aged 13 3/4)



What a weekend it’s been. The Olympic excitement even got to me on Saturday evening. I couldn’t help it. Every lap Jessica Ennis did on TV, I did one round the sitting room with her. When she w...

May 7, 2012


(follows on from Secret Diary of Maximilian Thorn aged 13 3/4)
Woke up and thought 'My mum loves me' (actually I think that when I wake up every morning). I opened my mouth to bark and call her down so she could love me some more, but then an unmistakable scent hit me...

May 7, 2012


Oh dear, long gap again and just when things were interesting too. Nina had her last litter of pups on 13 January. She whelped easily and quickly - so quickly she nearly caught me out - and had 6 pups, which was lovely as the vet had only seen 3-4 concepti in the scan...

January 3, 2012


Happy New Year everyone. I had a great NY Eve with some neighbours. Stayed up till about 3; unheard-of for us country mice. Skipped the show I'd entered NY Day (was I mad or what to enter that?). My excuse was that a friend was staying over after the party and I could...

December 31, 2011

There were only 5 of us plus the 3 dogs - age 7 to 87 very neatly - but it felt manic. Great time, actually, and Antony and I make a good team in the kitchen. Dogs were pretty good, although I suspect that was mainly because we made sure there was no food left in Satch...

December 30, 2011


Some of you may remember that, last time she was preggie, Nina had a thing about eating compost and dug almost all the summer plants out of my garden tubs. This time, whilst not actually averse to a bit of compost, she's fonder of wood. She's demolished the tub that o...

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